Perfection in Protection, Licensing, Security

Perfection in Protection, Licensing, Security

CodeMeter is designed as a single comprehensive solution that offers numerous benefits for software vendors (ISVs) and users alike. The added value it provides ranges from additional security to the simple management of licenses and digital rights.


‘Protection’ means safeguarding software or other digital content from illicit copies and imitation. Strong cryptographic protocols are used to protect data and executable files against unauthorized access on diverse operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, and Android. This prevents the copying and the analysis of software for reverse engineering purposes.

Protection guards the intellectual property of ISVs against reverse engineering and piracy.


‘Licensing’ covers the creation, distribution, and management of licenses by ISVs and the tracking of access and use by the end user. License creation and delivery can be integrated directly into ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems, avoiding costly manual operation and reducing the costs of license production. The quick distribution of licenses ensures satisfaction and acceptance on the user’s side.

Users can track which licenses are accessed and monitor their active use by employees for greater transparency. Multi-user licenses can be allocated to specific cost units and the number of actually required licenses can be chosen with certainty.

Licensing means the transparent management of licenses.


‘Security’ stands for security options for users. A minor issue for software running on local desktop computers, data security becomes a major factor in cloud computing. This also applies to protecting the integrity of and guarding access to embedded systems.

CodeMeter offers the confidential and tamperproof storage of the usage and login data of users in the cloud. With CodeMeter security, no malware can be run on embedded systems, and all unauthorized access is made impossible. CodeMeter provides both the cryptographic means to authorize software with certainty and the tools to manage the necessary access rights.

Security protects users from sabotage and data theft.                                                            

KEYnote 27 – Edition Spring 2014

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