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Licensing containers for all tastes

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 124-125 (25 September 2023)

Protecting AI Applications and Models

German only

Source: INDUSTR.COM, (20 September 2023)

More buisiness with software modules

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 16-17 (18 July 2023)

Secure marketplace

German only

Source: (7 July 2023)

From maximum security to new business models

German only

Source: ISGATEC (19 June 2023)

The hybrid way to protect software

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB (12 May 2023)

Continuously develop innovations

German only

Source: INDUSTRIAL Production (19 April 2023)

No IoT without cybersecurity

German only

Source: (24 February 2023)

Bringing Industry 4.0 to SMEs more swiftly

German only

Source: (24 February 2023)

Spare parts production on-demand

German only

Source: dhf-magazin (22 February 2023)

Print spare parts safely

German only

Source: sps-magazin (15 February 2023)

Achieve digital sovereignty

German only

Source: Computer & Automation (7 February 2023)

Secure software, secure power grid

Italian only

Source: Automazione Plus (2 February 2023)

Flexible licensed and secure

German only

Source: (31 January 2023)

Licensing in Edge and Cloud

German only

Source: INDUSTRIAL Production (17 January 2023)

3D printable parts

Italian only

Source: Automazione Plus (15 January 2023)


Simply store and print

German only

Source: GOing (23 November 2022)

Business models for additive manufacturing

German only

Source: additive (17 November 2022)

The key to secure 3D data

German only

Source: Medical Design, pages 34-35 (11 November 2022)

A subscription for the industry

German only

Source: INDUSTR.COM, pages 35-37 (3 November 2022)

Licensing in Edge & Cloud Computing

German only

Source: Computer & Automation (26 October 2022)

Highlight of the anniversary year

German only

Source: Cyberforum (21 October 2022)

Security for additive manufacturing

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 124-125 (17 October 2022)

AxProtector Python protects ready-made Python applications

German only

Source: GIT Sicherheit, issue 10/2022, pages 78-79 (October 2022)

App Store for IIoT Software

German only

Source: IT&Production (11 October 2022)

Protecting IP in digital forensics

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 32-33 (28 September 2022)

The know-how is secured

German only

Source: elektro Automation (6 September 2022)

Software protection in a single ASIC

German only

Source: (3 August 2022)

Protecting additive manufacturing

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 22-23 (20 July 2022)

Protecting Machine Learning

Italian only

Source: Tecnelab (20 May 2022)

Free space for innovation

German only

Source: Wirtschaft Spiegel, issue 65/2022, pages 30-31 (May 2022)

Customer project: Wibu-Systems AG

German only

Source: ChargeHere (11 April 2022)

A creative hub

Italian only

Source: Automazione Oggi (6 April 2022)

Servitization, allied to growth

Italian only

Source: Automazione Oggi (10 March 2022)

Think tank for IT talent

German only

Source: Web & Mobile Developer (27 Febraury 2022)

Joining forces for cybersecurity

German only

Source: (16 February 2022)

New technological lighthouse for IT security

German only - includes video interview with Oliver Winzenried

Source: (26 January 2022)


Digital sovereignty and cyber security

Italian only

Source: Italia 4.0 (13 December 2021)

Cybersecurity and brand protection

Italian only

Source: Fieldbus & Networks (2 December 2021)


German only

Source: Spot On! by DekoLight (26 November 2021)

Like herding a bag of fleas

German only

Source: Computer & Automation ( 23 November 2021)

IT Security Club in the House of IT Security

German only

Source: KA-IT-Si (18 November 2021)

Automation becomes a community affair

German only

Source: Industrieanzeiger (11 November 2021)

A special co-working space

German only

Source: Cyberforum (13 September 2021)

Encrypting Python scripts

German only

Source: Industrial Production (12 July 2021)

Dual vision for Wibu

German only

Source: econo (26 May 2021)

Technology as a vault

German only

Source: (6 April 2021)

Return to objectivity

German only

Source: (5 January 2021)

Software Licensing as enabling force for Industry 4.0

page 32 - German only

Source: Markt&Technik (4 February 2021)

Key components of Industry 4.0 from KSG

German only

Source: EPP (31 January 2021)

Making pay-per-use and SaaS possible

Geman only

Source: (11 January 2021)


License models in the industrial realm

Italian only

Source: Italia 4.0 (17 December 2020)


page 36 - German only

Source: Design&Elektronik (17 November 2020)


One technology, multiple interpretations (Italian only)

Source: Open Factory (16 November 2020)

The importance of trust

Italian only

Source: Open Factory (13 November 2020)

Intellectual Property Protection

Italian only
Source: The Next Factory (September/October 2020)

Security for dongles

German only
Source: LANline (07 September 2020)

Protection and licensing in dentistry

German only
Source: Medical-Design (13 August 2020)

The vault for certificates

German only
Source: Computer & Automation (16 July 2020)

T4M: Focus Digitization – Part II

German only
Source: Medtec Zwo (15 July 2020)

Security for medical technology

German only
Source: Medtec Zwo (9 July 2020)

A shield for know-how

Italian only
Source: Tecnelab (May 2020)

No shortage of security in times of emergency

No shortage of security in times of emergency (German only)
Source: Wirtschaftswoche (14 April 2020)

Cyber-attacks are the new reality

German only
Source: Funkschau (1 April 2020)

Feature based licensing

German only
Source: IT Production (25 March 2020)

Version 2.40 of CodeMeter Embedded

German only
Source: I-need (9 March 2020)

Experience live and talk to the experts

German only
Source: Elektroniknet (27 February 2020)

Protecting and licensing embedded software

German only
Source: Scope (24 February 2020)

Flexibility and high-performance

German only
Source: bl Verlag (17 February 2020)

What can the Intelligent Edge do?

German only
Source: (12 February 2020)

Updatable IoT and security concepts

Spanish only
Source: SIC (7 February 2020)