• WIBU-SYSTEMS AG is recognized for its achievements in the "Innovation Success" category among Germany's small to medium-sized enterprises and has won the TOP 100 award 2023. The award uses a scientific selection process led by Professor Nikolaus Franke and evaluates over one hundred criteria across five categories, examining a company's management, innovation climate, processes, openness, and practical success.
  • Wibu-Systems' newly founded Wibu Academy offers courses on IT security and publicly funded research projects. Held at the IT Security Club, these are open to software developers, managers, and students, focusing on identifying security vulnerabilities and optimizing research project applications. Continuously expanding the program with various topics and expert instructors, Wibu-Systems aims to enhance IT security knowledge in both theory and practice.
  • Wibu-Systems joins the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, a community of 100+ market leading companies committed to creating interoperable solutions and services. In its first OI4-led endeavor, Wibu-Systems is collaborating with Hilscher in the edge computing landscape: the Flagship Store for the OI4 Community provides vendors the opportunity to protect their applications in a streamlined fashion and monetize them easily.
  • Wibu-Systems USA has joined the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), North America's largest automation trade association. The company aims to contribute its expertise in industrial software protection and licensing. This membership will involve active engagement in events and discussions shaping the future of the automation industry, emphasizing the importance of IP and digital asset security in this rapidly evolving field.
  • The Trust4XChain R&D project, coordinated by Wibu-Systems and participated by Siemens, SEITEC, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security, aims to establish secure, reliable data spaces for distributed value chains, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0. It focuses on protecting production data in transit by cryptographically linking transactions in a trust chain and developing network nodes, or data space gateways, to facilitate secure data exchange.
  • The SMILE4KMU R&D project, led by Wibu-Systems and participated by the University of Offenburg and preML, aims to secure machine learning (ML) processes for SMEs. The project's objectives include securing the ML lifecycle in a structured manner, protecting the integrity and IP of training data and models, defining access protection and usage conditions during the training phase itself, and enabling SMEs to implement these security measures economically.
  • The Sec4IoMT R&D project, coordinated by Wibu-Systems and participated by partners like Infineon Technologies and SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC, addresses the growing need for robust security in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It focuses on developing secure architectures for medical devices, ensuring long-term protection against cyberattacks. This includes modular concepts, security retrofitting, and maintaining certified functionality.


  • Wibu-Systems shows its champion qualities by winning the second German Innovation Award of the German Design Council. Coming hot on the heels of the 2021 award for the novel CmCloudContainers, the prize for 2022 was won for AxProtector JavaScript, the dedicated version of our protection solution that allows JS developers to secure their software natively with all of the comfort and vast feature set familiar to users of CodeMeter.
  • After three years of productive work with the Universities of Darmstadt and Offenburg, CloudProtect was unveiled to show how tough software protections could be integrated in a cloud environment. Using Intel’s SGX enclaves as the safe spaces in which the essential cryptographic work is handled, CloudProtect can keep cloud-based applications secure wherever their users may be.
  • Part of the European AI-NET initiative that explores the nature and challenges of tomorrow’s communication infrastructures, the ANTILLAS project headed by Creonic / Nokia is developing the fundamental components for communication in critical fields like industry or autonomous vehicles. Wibu-Systems is contributing its security expertise in the form of secure hardware elements to provide cryptographic protections against tampering.


  • Wibu-Systems moves into its new home on the company’s campus in Karlsruhe, a masterpiece in tasteful and clever architectural design, smart engineering, and proactive community-building, with a commitment to a positive ecological footprint, an eye for contemporary office design and new work practices, innovative approaches used for its modern R&D and production facilities “made in Germany”, and the unique House of IT Security right next doors.
  • Located right next to the new company headquarters in Karlsruhe, the IT Security Club opens its doors in the dedicated House of IT Security. With its exceptional facilities, top-class infrastructure, and a dedicated innovation manager to help members secure funding and raise the profile of their R&D ventures, the club offers a range of membership options for access to its exclusive co-working spaces and vibrant community of IT security professionals.
  • Wibu-Systems also opens new offices in the historic center of Stockholm to accommodate its team for the Nordic and Baltic markets. With their tech-positive spirit, its many digital businesses, and its forward-thinking industry, the region is a perfect match for both Wibu-Systems’ products and services and the company’s commitment to innovation.
  • Wibu-Systems maintains its reputation as a top innovator by winning the German Innovation Award for its novel CmCloudContainers, the newest addition alongside CmDongles and CmActLicenses to the versatile license container range offered by the company. With exceptional portability, a level of protection to rival the hardware CmDongles, and an innovative user-based binding system, the new containers are the perfect complement for Wibu-Systems’ new cloud products and services.
  • ProCloud3D is a groundbreaking research project co-hosted by some of the premier academic institutions in Germany and China, and now includes Wibu-Systems’ expertise with data security in industrial applications. For its vision of smarter, connected manufacturing services in additive manufacturing – 3D printing on an industrial scale – ProCloud3D intends to create such a platform, made possible with Wibu-Systems’ technology for protecting and managing the flow of secure digital assets, from the original product designs to customer billing information.


  • After the successful conclusion of the original IUNO project, Germany’s national reference project for cyber-security in Industrie 4.0, in 2018, Wibu-Systems is back to lead IUNO2PAKT, a new iteration working to reinforce the security and resilience of the modern industrial landscape. Wibu-Systems contributes its novel CodeMeter Certificate Vault technology to facilitate the use of certificates as a currency of trust in machine communication. Designed to work with the OPC UA stacks used extensively in industrial automation and adding the versatility of CodeMeter’s choice of containers for certificates, the approach promises to add the necessary ease-of-use and reliable security that certificates need to realize their full potential for the connected industry of tomorrow.
  • Joining the high-profile SiEvEI 4.0 consortium spearheaded by Siemens AG, Wibu-Systems contributes its expertise to the development and introduction of a strong hardware and software chain of trust (COT) that is needed to guarantee the agility and responsiveness promised by the vision of smart factories and Industry 4.0. With Wibu-Systems’ expertise in the field of secure smart items and certificate management, the SiEvEI 4.0 project is expanding the potential of the existing technology to provide AI-powered, holistic protection, monitoring, and management capabilities for smart manufacturing systems.
  • Coinciding with Wibu-Systems’ own construction projects for the erection of its next headquarters and the House of IT Security, the DigiFab4KMU project is taking recent advances in computer-aided planning and construction as well as building information management (BIM) to a new level with an integrated virtualization system that brings the idea of digital twins from the industrial automation world to the field of construction and building management. Wibu-Systems benefits from the system as one of its pioneering users and brings its own experiences and insights to the table for the design of optimized Industry-4.0-standard processes in industrial construction.


  • 随着威步继续在全球范围内发展,其CodeMeter技术被越来越多的用户所接受,威步的团队及其解决方案因其贡献的价值而受到国际赞誉和认可。威步信息系统公司因其业务扩展到全球市场而赢得了GLOBAL外贸奖这一殊荣。CmStick / B因其优雅,坚固和紧凑的外壳而获得了行业内梦寐以求的iF设计奖。新型CodeMeter证书保险库在SPS上获得了广泛赞誉,不仅获得了最佳展示奖,而且还获得了自动化奖的亚军。最后,CodeMeter还分别在意大利创新奖,美国最佳医疗保健物联网安全解决方案奖以及德国的电子里程碑奖中大放异彩。
  • 1989-20191989-2019年:威步信息系统为在增强实力和确保全球经济的未来中发挥积极作用而感到自豪。我们的工作为保护知识产权,创建新颖的业务模型以及确保各地的安全性做出了重要贡献。我们努力通过透明和用户友好的解决方案来激发信任。我们致力于社会中的数字主权,因此不但要满足法律要求和我们自己企业的商业利益,还要应对数字化转型和互联基础架构的挑战。
  • 面对数字世界中各种各样的威胁,多样性的统一才是关键:我们与新总部共同建立的IT安全之家旨在将卓越的学术能力与进取的思维相结合,以提升IT实力安全研究和实践,以增强新兴公司的敏捷性和活力,吸引国际公司到卡尔斯鲁厄从事IT安全项目以及学术和商业合作伙伴关系,在该地区创造新的工作和收入,并成为实体IT安全的灯塔。
  • 我们与巴登符腾堡合作州立大学(DHBW)的合作进入了一个新阶段:几年来,我们一直在提供计算机科学双课程。从新学年开始,我们还将参加专门针对商业信息学的软件工程师的双重培训。结果令人震惊:双重学习课程的毕业生中有80%的人在学习结束前很久就签定了长期雇用合同!
  • 在英飞凌科技公司的领导下,作为ALESSIO研究项目Alessioframework的一部分,弗劳恩霍夫应用与集成安全研究所(AISEC),Giesecke + Devrient移动安全,西门子,慕尼黑工业大学和威步信息已开发出连接计算机应用程序和嵌入式系统的可更新的安全机制,可以长期提供最新的保护。


  • To expand its worldwide presence, Wibu-Systems has opened a new wholly owned daughter company, WIBU-SYSTEMS K.K., in Tokyo, Japan, which adds to the existing subsidiaries in Europe, U.S., and the Asia-Pacific region. The new Far Eastern stronghold is going to provide dedicated expertise to local software-powered businesses and intelligent device manufacturers.
  • After three years of collaborative research between its 21 members, the IUNO project (the German national reference project for cyber-security in Industrie 4.0) has delivered innovative use cases. In particular, Wibu-Systems took part in three live demonstrations: a secure and cloud-based technology data marketplace with TRUMPF, the hardening of Balluff’s OPC UA reader with a CodeMeter secure element, and IP protection and licensing with an Infineon TPM.
  • Oliver Winzenried was chosen as one of the “Managers of the Year 2018” in the “Pioneers & Innovators“ category in a survey of more than 7,000 readers of Markt&Technik, the German weekly electronics magazine. At the award ceremony, he announced the forthcoming opening of the House of IT Security in Karlsruhe, Germany, which will gather other enterprises, start-ups, and researchers in the pursuit of greater technological goals.


  • Blurry Box Logo为了证明 Blurry Box的安全性性和有效性,我们举办了全球黑客大赛;数百位黑客报名参加,在三周时间内去尝试破解一个受到Blurry Box保护的游戏。独立评审团由IT安全科学家组成,最终陪审团鉴定:没有任何单一的漏洞被完整的发现,游戏未被破解。最初为破解者设立的50,000欧元奖金,将用于进一步研究和开发。
  • CodeMeter已经获得了两项SIIA商业技术CODiE奖项的好评,被评为最佳内容权利和权利解决方案,并被提名为最佳授权管理解决方案。这一成就突显了CodeMeter为传统软件行业和工业物联网提供服务的灵活和不可知的能力。
  • Wibu-Systems已与Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program, Plattform Industrie 4.0,和OSADL签署了三个新的主要会员协议,这些都意味着加强我们对安全物联网部署的承诺,为数字化转型创造新动力,并加强对开放式创新和开源项目的软件保护。


  • 工业互联网联盟 发布了工业互联网安全框架:即IoT架构师概要,它定义了可信赖特性的主要特征:安全性、保险性、可靠性、弹性和隐私。Wibu-Systems作为主要作者之一合作出版了这本出版物,并参与了世界各地的小组调研。
  • Trusted Computing GroupWibu-Systems成为可信计算组(TCG),中国工业互联网联盟(AII) , 和欧洲网络安全组织 (ECSO)成员.
  • Wibu-Systems的CodeMeter应用面极为广泛,不仅与软件发布商,机器和设备制造商,还与IoT板、网关、模块、嵌入式计算技术系统和微控制器供应商建立了合作伙伴关系。
  • Successful implementation of an Industrie 4.0 security framework for intelligent productionWibu-Systems深刻认识到工业4.0只有在实施整体和可持续的安全体系安全架构时才能够迅速起飞发展,并已经与德国人工智能研究中心创新工厂系统的研究部门(DFKI)成功地实施了智能生产的安全框架。SmartFactoryKL 的原型生产线为所有制造商提供测试预防性安全措施的机会。
  • Wibu-Systems首次在德国杜塞尔多夫的Compamed / Medica展会上展示了医疗保健领域的许多成功案例,并向医疗设备供应商和医疗保健产品开发商展示了CodeMeter如何利用创新的网络安全解决方案和基于软件的商业模式,来配合我们时代的经济和技术变革。


  • Wibu-Systems加入了工业互联网联盟,一个非营利性的国际协会,协调广泛的生态系统计划为相关行业设置安全的架构框架。
  • Wibu-Systems加入IUNO,IUNO是Industrie 4.0 技术安全的德国国家参考项目,其任务是为中型制造商提供运营,健壮,高效和可扩展的蓝图。
  • Wibu-Systems 是ISPN(英飞凌安全合作伙伴网络)的第一批安全合作伙伴之一,该网络为相关的设备和应用程序提供商提供了一系列安全解决方案。
  • Wibu-Systems在与Belden,Deutsche TelekomInfineon的合作项目中,展示了远程生产站点之间的安全通信设置,为Industrie 4.0提供了实用的 “德国制造”安全模型。
  • Wibu-Systems首席执行官兼创始人Oliver Winzenried荣获德国电子周报Markt&Technik “自动化”领域的“年度经理”称号。


  • 25周年:威步成立至今始终致力于公司软件保护与授权管理安全服务。
  • 威步系统获得 SIIA Content CODiE Awards winner 最佳版权保护和交付解决方案嘉奖。
  • 嵌入式世界的领先安全技术, CodeMeter Embedded Driver嵌入式驱动,从设计上重新提升外观品质。
  • Blurry Box 的全新加密方式的问世即获得德国第五届IT安全奖项头牌。
  • CodeMeter支持新Linux系统;新版SDK配置包含树莓派“计算模块”。


  • 安全联盟的新成员之一,确保应用程序安全连接。
  • 新产品CmCard/CFast, CmStick/IV发布,主要定位于工业自动化领域。新产品特点:节省空间、耐温性更强、可靠快速记忆功能。
  • CmWAN启动,授权许可可在云中操作执行。
  • 法国办事处成立。


  • 在开发、支持、销售和咨询配备了更多资源。
  • 为ISV软件开发商应用添加的加密锁新固件功能:2048位RSA密钥计算, “维护日期”许可模块。
  • CodeMeter成功与CODESYS IEC 61131-3开发工具和系统整合。
  • 威步荣幸成为OPC基金会成员,更有力推动工业自动化联盟的发展。


  • 获得“巴登-符腾堡州2011[安全奖”奖杯。
  • 发布 CmStick/T: 安全时间认证的时钟狗。
  • 发布 CmStick/C: 全球最小的软件加密狗。


  • 研发项目VitaBITPro-Protect圆满结束。
  • 威步信息系统(上海)有限公司在北京成立分公司。
  • 2010上海世博会,威步公司出品的WibuKey 成功的为WATCHOUT软件提供了安全保护。
  • 成功的研发了软件保护实时操作系统Wind River VxWorks。
  • 第四届威步CodeMeter黑客大赛,威步再次立于不败之地。
  • 第一次:CodeMeter为云计算提供保护。
  • 再次推出新产品:CmCrad/microSD加密锁。
  • 再次蝉联SIIA CODiE奖的最佳数字保护解决方案。


  • 威步信息系统庆祝成立20周年。
  • CodeMeter许可控制中心的创建许可,管理许可,发送许可。
  • 制作CodeMeter为SD和CF的卡。
  • 获得Winner of the SIIA Codie Award 奖项“最佳数字版权管理解决方案”。
  • CodeMeter® 支持Mac OS X操作系统。


  • 引进CodeMeterAct软授权激活解决方案。
  • 在西班牙设立威步信息系办事处。
  • 微软金牌认证合作伙伴。
  • 协调BMWI项目VitaBIT与安全移动解决方案。
  • 协调BMBF项目Pro-Protect 与嵌入式系统PC领域的保护方案。


  • 全球启动第一黑客大赛CodeMeter(奖金:€32768)。
  • 再次入围决赛,获得SIIA Codie 奖项“最佳数字版权管理“。


  • 德意志联邦共和国提名专利设计奖。
  • CodeMeter在美国和日本获得多项领域的专利。
  • 在SIIA Codie Award决赛版类获得“最佳安全软件”称号。
  • 在英国成立WIBU-SYSTEMS有限公司。


  • 获得德国iF设计金奖。
  • 首次入围SIIA Codie Awards决赛,获得金奖及“最佳数字版权管理解决方案”称号。
  • 成立WIBU-SYSTEMS上海有限公司。


  • 向市场推出业内首款U盘加密狗CmStick/M。
  • 获得中国iF设计金奖。
  • CodeMeter荣获欧洲专利。
  • 在荷比卢成立分公司。


  • 推出跨平Java应用程序保护解决方案。
  • 在中国上海成立中国办事处。


  • WibuKey 首届黑客大赛揭晓,奖金为 10,000 DM:至今无人获奖。
  • 推出文件保护SmartShelter。
  • 参加欧盟第五届F&E框架方案。
  • 在美国成立分公司。


  • 所有WibuKey产品获得了在美国及加拿大UL美华认证(美国安全检测实验室公司)。


  • 威步信息系统成立十周年纪念。
  • 在德国卡尔斯鲁厄成立威步信息系统办公室。


  • 通过ISO 9001认证。


  • 正式成立威步信息系统股份公司。


  • 首次发出最新产品加密狗PCMCIA芯片,在拉斯维加斯获得Comdex大奖。


  • 正式成立威步信息系统股份有限公司。


  • 威步信息系统由Oliver Winzenried和Marcellus Buchheit创建。
  • 首次推出软件保护产品LPT端口的WibuBox加密狗。
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