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    • Levelling Up Software Distribution

      Free demo licenses should be distributed with the full set of premium features preinstalled. By leveraging CodeMeter License Central, clients can connect the LEM system to their CRM platform and increase the number of premium users tenfold within a single calendar year.

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    • Live and Secure Technology Data Marketplace

      Protected from theft and illicit use, production data can be traded, licensed, and securely transmitted through the Industrial Internet to smart factories: manufacturing as a service offers commercial freedom and constant data access to sellers, makers, and buyers.

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    • Securing the Backbone of Connected Industry

      Balluff’s OPC UA enabled UHF RFID reader, supercharged with Wibu-Systems CmASIC hardware secure element, secures M2M communications at both ends offering secure key and certificate storage and making the identity of the tag fully reliable.

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    • 外包实时控制器的安全制造

      CodeMeter Embedded,对在承包商生产设施里的控制器供应商提供专有技术保护。引导过程和存储都在工业级硬件安全元件中进行,可确保保护的完整性

    • 微控制器的安全许可管理


    • 现代M2M通信的更强安全性

      由CodeMeter嵌入式技术支持,Wibu-Systems OPC UA安全扩展,用于统一自动化的基于ANSI C的OPC UA SDK,为采用OPC UA标准的制造商提高了安全性,并通过多功能许可将其软件货币化

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