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KABA / Reslam – South Africa – Electronic locksmithing

Kaba's electronic safe locks, combined with an elegant Android or iOS mobile component and a secure Reslam's server platform protected by Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter technology, herald a new approach to centrally controlled security for banks' ATM cubicles.

Wibu-Systems provides unique software copy protection for Kaba and Reslam applications

The Challenge 

A large South African banking group was looking for a way to control their ATM cubicle estate with a single central system, which they also hoped would significantly reduce their costs. They found that most money was wasted on repeated technical service calls due to lost or damaged keys, internal or external vandalism, and arbitrary sabotage of the equipment in ATM cubicles. Their ideal solution did not exist yet; thus Reslam was born.  

The Solution 

The Reslam solution is a highly flexible, keyless, and geo-locating system that uses three main components to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. This highly disruptive technology combines the industry leading features of the Kaba Axessor Series of electronic safe locks with an elegant Android or iOS mobile component and a secure Reslam server platform, protected by Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology.  

The Success 

At the top of the security pyramid sit the banking and financial institutions where the initial Reslam system was successfully implemented. A multitude of other applications for the Reslam technology immediately became apparent; Reslam developed versions for the mid-tier commercial space and ultimately the consumer space, where the IoT has become one of the hottest hypes of the age.

Reslam (Remote Electronic Safe Lock Auditing and Management)

Reslam was born in 2014 from a requirement within a large banking group using the Kaba Axessor Series of safe locks. By extending the functionality of the locks to enable online network connectivity via the Kaba E-B@x and adding an Android or iOS mobile component together with a high security server platform, the bank dramatically improved the operational efficiency of their ATM cubicle infrastructure. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology, which currently protects the software for installing and managing the Kaba Axessor Series of locks, has been used exclusively to protect the Reslam platform and installation software.

Peter Cordiner,
Chief Executive Officer at Reslam

“We have been collaborating with Wibu-Systems since 2014. CodeMeter is critical to our business, as it protects our intellectual property and safeguards our software from illegal copying. Reslam operates on an international level with partners in South Africa, the UK, and the US and has been receiving enquiries from other territories around the world. As such, it is important for us to work with a global company such as WIBU.”

Ken Metcalf,
Chief Technology Officer at Reslam

“Security lies at the heart of our Reslam technology and WIBU has made it possible to retain the highest level of security without losing any flexibility. The wide range of licensing models offered by WIBU makes it easy for us to create various levels of authority per CodeMeter dongle for Administrators, Installers, Supervisors, and Users.”

WIBU provides unique software copy protection for Kaba and Reslam applications.

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