Lean License Management via SAP


Since its inception in 1972, SAP has grown its global market dominance relentlessly. The latest version goes far beyond the standard paradigms of an ERP system and includes an entire business suite ready for the digital economy. Gone are the days when isolated software packages were handling different back office processes. Today, analytics, CRM, data management, ERP, financial management, HR, product lifecycle management, and supply chain management are tied in one unique modular platform.

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This makes the integration of CodeMeter License Central with SAP even more relevant; with their capabilities combined, the two products provide greater convenience for users across the global community. CodeMeter License Central is Wibu-Systems’ database-derived license entitlement application for the automatic creation, delivery, and management of software licenses. Available in multiple languages, the product has become a reference standard for license lifecycle management.

For years, it has already been possible to integrate CodeMeter License Central with SAP using an SOAP interface. The specific development and consulting skills in SAP designs of Informatics have helped us make the integration process even more sophisticated. The workflow in short: an order is created in SAP. If it includes a license-based software product, the order is sent to CodeMeter License Central via SAP, and the operator receives an activation code. After the successful activation of the license by the end user, CodeMeter License Central returns the activation data to SAP. With a simple look at the SAP dashboard, the operator can verify the status of the licenses at any time.

During the one-hour live event, we will alternate between theory and practice and cover:

  • Introduction to our solution partner Informatics
  • Overview of CodeMeter License Central
  • Interface for SAP
  • Selling and delivering licenses
  • Relocation of a license by the user
  • Loss of a license
  • Adding licenses
  • Withdrawing licensing
  • Updating licenses
  • Releasing licenses

If you are using SAP, you must not miss this event. Reserve your seat and see how this turnkey solution can bring cost effectiveness and convenience of implementation, expediting and simplifying your back office procedures.

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