SPS IPC Drives 2017

2017-11-28 - 2017-11-30
Nuremberg, Germany

Join Wibu-Systems at the upcoming edition of SPS IPC Drives (hall 7 – booth 660), the meeting place for automation technology suppliers from around the world. As Industrie 4.0 is evolving from vision to reality, IT and OT are converging into new technologies, innovative trends, and collaborative platforms. One common denominator of all connected systems that are sustaining this digital transformation is re-engineering, by which we mean both security-by-design and business re-engineering.

Wibu-Systems’ multi-platform, multi-purpose, and multi-secure-element technology safeguards the automation world with integrity protection techniques that prevent product counterfeiting, device manipulation, and the reverse engineering of machine code. Software running on computers, embedded systems, PLCs, or microcontrollers is protected, licensed, and ultimately monetized.

For a deeper and more personal conversation, we recommend you to join Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of our company, on his intense journey at the show:

  • On Nov. 28th, 12.00 to 1 pm, he will present the CmStick/BMC at the VDMA Forum, hall 3, booth 668.
    This is the most revolutionary hardware secure element ever created by us; available with and without flash memory, this dongle has been nominated as one of the top five products in the Standard Components and Sensors category at the Automation Awards. Supplied in an elegant casing, the unit comes with a USB 3.1 interface for fast data exchange, the Infineon SLM97 smart card chip for the secure storage of licenses, digital certificates, and cryptographic keys, the Hyperstone U9 flash controller and related hymap firmware for reliable data latency, and System-in-Package technology for utmost resilience in industrial applications.
  • On the same day, 2.20 to 2.40 pm, he will then hold a lecture on “Know-how Protection in the Automation Industry with CodeMeter” at the ZVEI Forum, hall 3A, booth 449.
    CodeMeter has already been successfully applied by several key players in the automation space, like B&R, COPA-DATA, Festo, Jenoptik, Kinesis, Pilz, and Rockwell Automation.
  • Immediately afterwards, from 2.45 to 4.15 pm, he will join the panel discussion “How does mechanical engineering deal with wireless communication?” back in the VDMA Forum.
    The share of wireless communication in industrial applications is growing steadily, again driven by Industrie 4.0. The speakers will cover several examples that demonstrate how meaningful use of wireless communication is possible in mechanical engineering.
  • On Nov. 30th, 12.45 to 2.15 pm, Oliver will join another panel discussion led by Rainer Glatz of VDMA. Together with Hans-Peter Bock of Trumpf, Michael Jochem of Robert Bosch, Detlef Houdeau of Infineon Technologies, and Sebastian Rohr of Accessec, all of whom are members of IUNO, the German Reference Project for Cybersecurity in Industrie 4.0, he will delve into “IUNO – Status and outlook from an industrial point of view”.
    This interdisciplinary research and development project brings together fourteen companies at the forefront of the technological and security space in Germany and seven research institutions and universities in cooperation. Their purpose is to provide sustainable designs and methods that meet the special requirements of IT security in terms of operation, scalability, robustness, and efficiency recommended by Industrie 4.0 processes.

At the exhibition, our security experts can show you the custom vertical implementations we have created for automation powerhouses, such as:

  • B&R, a top global player in industrial automation
    CodeMeter is integrated with B&R’s Technology Guardian. Bernecker & Rainer’s clients can manage the machine configurations for each of their customers, so that the machine operators need only pay for the functions that they really need.
  • Kontron, a leading provider of Embedded Computing Technology (ECT) - Hall 7, booth 193
    CodeMeter is integrated with Kontron’s IoT boards, gateways, modules, and systems. Kontron can offer comprehensive end-to-end security for the lifecycle of its products and create a trusted environment for its customers.
  • Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information
    CodeMeter is integrated with Rockwell’s Studio 5000 logix programming environment. Rockwell can improve industrial security standards in a network environment by guaranteeing the complete protection of source code and access control policy enforcement.

and the horizontal integrations we have achieved with:

  • Infineon Technologies
    Infineon is establishing its name also as a facilitator for securing the IoT business. CodeMeter relies on hardware secure elements powered by Infineon’s crypto-controllers or the TPM form factor (like Infineon’s OPTIGATM). Additionally, CodeMeter µEmbedded offers the full power of CodeMeter’s protection and licensing technology with a footprint of just 60 KB.
  • OPC Foundation
    OPC-UA provides security functions for authentication and secure encrypted M2M communications. CodeMeter supports the Unified Architecture protocol and provides security extensions and license management via OPC UA.

We are looking forward to meeting you and starting a new adventure together, with secure technology for a secure business.

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