Lab Tour “Industrial Security in Smart Factories”

Karlsruher Forschungsfabrik, Karlsruhe, Germany

The Karlsruhe Research Factory for AI Integrated Production is opening its gates for a special lab tour and afternoon of seminars. The event, hosted by the VDMA association of Baden Wuerttemberg, the Allianz Industrie 4.0, and Fraunhofer IOSB, looks at the combined effort of researchers and industry professionals to find solutions for the remaining security challenges in modern industrial automation. Particular emphasis is put on the role of OPC-UA and its successful use in German businesses.

At the Research Factory, Marco Blume, Embedded Security Specialist with Wibu-Systems, will be speaking about “Certificates in OPC UA and CodeMeter Certificate Vault”. Matching the practical nature of the site’s applied research, the talk will see how industrial security is possible in real-life, practitioner-centric conditions. It will look at how CodeMeter Certificate Vault brings the ease of use of Wibu-Systems’ popular CodeMeter licensing system to the world of certificates in industrial OPC UA environments. With the same tenets of user-friendliness, easy integration, and uncompromising security applying both here and there, CodeMeter Certificate Vault facilitates handling, rolling out, and storing certificates for the practitioners on the ground and lowers the acceptance threshold for certificates as an essential component of trustworthy interactions in a connected industrial environment.

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