Hannover Messe

2022-05-30 - 2022-06-02
Hannover, Germany

After the first cancellation in its history in 2020 and the successful, but naturally limited virtual show of 2021, Hannover Messe is back for a full in-person expo, supercharged with hybrid virtual offerings. Wibu-Systems will be there to celebrate the occasion and showcase our contributions to this year’s headline topic of the industrial transformation.

Our expo team will be on site to welcome visitors for in-depth conversations, show off the advantages of our full range of hardware, software, and service offerings, strike up new and refresh old partnerships, and raise the flag for two issues that the digital industry of the future cannot do without: Licensing and certificates.

Smart solutions for a trustworthy digital industry

Licenses are the tried-and-true method to protect invaluable IP, and they have successfully made the leap from the software realm to the factory floor. As the vision of the Industry 4.0 is becoming a reality, manufacturers and their clients are looking for ways to secure and monetize their digital assets on their journey from designer to the factory to the retailer. The flexible licensing models provided by CodeMeter are the perfect solution, with everything and anything possible: Temporary or pay-per-use licenses, single-feature and feature-upgrade licenses, single-user or network licenses, or even special license solutions for offline devices, which are not an uncommon sight in a manufacturing world in transition. Subscription licenses are increasingly recognized as far more than a means to protect IP, but as genuine business enablers. And CodeMeter has powerful subscription licensing options available to fit commercial users and empower them to innovate new business models.

Beyond licenses, our team in Hannover is eager to talk about the importance of digital certificates as a means to securely identify devices, users, and everything else needed to make the digital industrial economy work. While the usefulness of certificates has never been doubted, the complexity of the process they require, with the inclusion of trusted certification authorities and more proving an often too high threshold for many users. CodeMeter Certificate Vault streamlines the process with the ease and comfort familiar to users of Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology.

Your passport, please! Secure identities in practice

Stefan Bamberg, our Senior Key Account and Partner Manager, will be on the Tech Transfer Conference stage (Hall 2, Booth A60) on 31 May, at 11:15 am. Industry 4.0 is built on the technological foundations of smart and digitally connected systems that let machines, devices, and computers speak and work with each other. But this can only happen if each machine or device has a unique identity that can be distinguished from others and identified reliably. The keys and certificates needed for this can be stored in a secure hardware element like a CmDongle connected to the device. This talk will take a look at an effective and established technology that makes distributing these keys and certificates safe and easy.



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