2018-11-12 - 2018-11-15
Dusseldorf, Germany

As the leading international trade fair for the suppliers and manufacturers of medical technologies, Compamed is a showcase for complex high-tech solutions. Running in parallel with Medica, Compamed is perfectly placed to initiate new and dynamic interactions across the fields of medical technology and medical devices.

Microsystem technology solutions for mobile diagnostics, monitoring, and therapy systems are the current focal points for medical engineers. Smart sensors, energy storage systems for use in wearables, microtechnology applications for intelligent implants, or printed electronics offer the opportunity to create predictive and reliable analytical tools. Still, potential and unexpected risks, whether intended attacks or unintentional misuse, have to be anticipated by design. With the proliferation of connected devices, the need to protect medical units against error, mishap, or malicious intent has skyrocketed.

On November 13th, 1.55 pm to 2.25 pm, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems and member of the VDMA (the German Engineering Federation) Medical Technology working group, will host the session “Medical device manufacturers combine security with new business models. The increasingly close connections between medical devices makes security a "must" for them; only by integrating security by design can makers and users be sure that configuration data and devices cannot be tampered with and that patient data remains both confidential and unaltered. New business models that rely on security principles become the answer for creating win-win-win situations for device manufacturers, operators, and patients.

You can find Wibu-Systems’ exhibit at the VDMA Medical Technology space (hall 8a, booth N35), an area that brings together highly qualified vendors with a focus on the entire value chain, from material supplies to mechanical engineering and medical technology manufacturing. The collaboration of all engineering healthcare stakeholders offers an important stimulus for more dialogue and new synergies.

At the exhibit, you can see CodeMeter, our flagship technology for medical digitalization, in action. Each flavor of CodeMeter serves a different range of devices; the constellation as a whole is fully compatible not just with each hardware and software component used, but also and crucially with established back office systems. You can retrofit your medical devices with hardware secure elements, implement cutting-edge protection and security mechanisms for software, firmware, and data, and create new revenue streams, streamlined via modern digital platforms.

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