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在正确安装的情况下,WIBU-BOX/P 有时会显示错误WK1202[8], 或者[7] 或者是无法识别。


问题: 有些笔记本和新的电脑没有足够电源来支持LPT端口,这可能会导致超时问题。
解决办法:当WIBU-KEY驱动不能和WIBU-BOX 在于其的时间间隔内连接,会导致超时的错误。时间间隔可以通过一个被称为DelayFactor 的来增加。DelayFactor 是一个扩展的注册表。 



Here you can download a zip archive containing various Delayfactors: The Delayfactor can be activated by double clicking. After having changed the DelayFactors enter the command [..\wibukey\bin] wku32.exe reset all or restart your PC. Only this way it is guaranteed that all WIBU-KEY specific registry entries will be reread. Note: For the first time try always a slow DelayFactor (such as 4), because it influences the WIBU-KEY processes and can therefore slow down the protected application.