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Let’s imagine you have just received your CodeMeter SDK. What are the first steps you can take? This short tutorial walks you through the processes as illustrated in the Quick Start Guide that you’ll find in your package. It offers an additional visual demonstration of how to successfully protect your very first application in just a few minutes.

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When you choose CodeMeter, you will come across the terms Firm Code and Product Code again and again. The encryption keys that will protect your software from piracy and reverse engineering are derived from them. Firm Code and Product Code are thus vital for the entire license lifecycle management process from the license’s creation to its delivery.

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Facts count more than words. In this tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to effectively protect .NET applications against decompiling and reverse engineering. With AxProtector .NET, a module of CodeMeter Protection Suite, you will be able to encrypt your applications, obfuscate function names, and insert traps, among many other functions at your disposal.

Protect your first .NET application


In the digital age, cloud licensing is the new frontier. CodeMeter equips you with several ways to create, manage, and distribute your licenses in the cloud, offer applications in SaaS mode, store licenses in the cloud for end users to enjoy the software wherever they want, or let users avail themselves of a self-service portal to be fully independent.

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