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Wibu-Systems has been organizing hackers' contests for many years to prove the strength of its protection and security technologies. By involving hackers early on in the process and letting the door open even to countries like Russia and China known to have the highest piracy rates in the world, we prove that our products represent the pinnacle of secure licensing and intellectual property protection.

And the result is: No contestant has ever succeeded in cracking the sample application protected by CodeMeter. Customers can stay reassured that Wibu-Systems does not just enforce high quality standards of its own, but is also taking the necessary steps to have hackers, crackers, and pirates test its technology first hand before it is commercialized.

Global Hackers' Contest 2017

To test the validity and strength of the newly patented encryption method Blurry Box, integrated with the anti-debug and obfuscation methods of CodeMeter Protection Suite, we launched a new contest, open to all hackers around the globe. The underlying principle of Blurry Box is the exact opposite of “security through obscurity”; based on Kerckhoffs’ Principle, Blurry Box cryptography uses published methods that greatly increase the complexity and time required for an attack to be successful.

The contenders were delivered a game application protected with Blurry Box cryptography that came with its license stored in a CmDongle. Between May 15th and June 2nd, they were requested to hack the protected game and prove they could run it without the provided dongle and without any Internet connection to a jury consisting of IT security scientists and independent from the challenge partners (Wibu-Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and FZI ResearchCenter for Information Technology).

None of the 315 international contendants managed to send in a full crack of the encryption scheme. The only two exploits that were received were found to be incomplete: They simulated a record playback attack that did not lead to any valid result or playable game. The two participants who submitted their partial solution received a volunteer award of €1,000 each. The remaining €48,000 of the original prize at stake will go towards further research and development.



在2007年的黑客大赛中,参赛者不仅免费得到保护应用程序,而且还可获得具有许可的CmStick硬件加密狗。1000多名来自世界各地的参赛者参与到了奖金总值为32768欧元(或美$ 40000)的比赛中。




  • 程序只有在检测到CmDongle之后才能运行起来

  • 模块1: 该模块的许可已经包含在CmDongle中,可以直接运行

  • 模块2: 该模块的许可未被写入到CmDongle中

  • 两个模块的功能相同,都会显示一组密码


  • 找出2个密码
  • 程序必须完全脱离CmDongle运行
  • 将破解方法和已破解程序通过Email发送至威步公司


总共有来自世界27个国家的1092位参赛者参加此次持续6周时间的黑客大赛,奖金总额为32768欧元($ 40000)。大多数参赛者来自德国,其次是中国,美国,荷兰,波兰,匈牙利,法国,英国,乌克兰等。




  • 无法破解加密算法
  • 无法破解硬件或伪造Feature Map



  • 部分内存转储
  • 部分记录/播放方式
  • 奖励16000欧元



        • 安全的硬件:CmDongle提供安全的密钥存储系统和强大的智能卡芯片加密系统。当软件检测到攻击时,CodeMeter®系统可以自动锁定许可密钥。
        • 安全的软件集成技术:受保护程序的可执行代码和资源部分将永远不会被完整的解密与计算机内存中。可变加密,反Debug,陷阱系统以及源代码独立加密系统的使用,都将增加软件保护系统的安全性。

CodeMeter® has not been cracked!