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Summit "Industry 4.0" 2013

2013 十月 16 - 2013 十月 17

The Summit will unveil all facts, trends and technologies that can lead you to a full experience of Industry 4.0.

The fourth industrial revolution is the gateway to the Internet of Things applied to manufacturing processes, is where production scalability, efficiency and customization meet, is ultimately the way to rationalize and enhance the whole infrastructure and in turn revitalize the global economy.

The congress program includes a presentation from Oliver Winzenried, our CEO and founder, right on the first day of the event; on October 16th, 15.30 to 16.00, he will introduce the audience to the “Intelligent Security Concepts for Connected Systems”. The integrated technology will expose vendors to new cyber-threats. The CodeMeter technology embodies the perfect solution to protect your plant, your machinery, your embedded system, your data and the assets of your customers.