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SPS IPC Drives 2015

2015 十一月 24 - 2015 十一月 26

Join Wibu-Systems at the upcoming SPS IPC Drives event, Europe’s leading exhibition on electric automation. With machines, systems, and products networking intelligently along the value chain, new and amazing business potential is just waiting to be exploited.

When it comes to the integrity protection of machine code and data to prevent product counterfeiting, device manipulation, or machine reverse engineering, Wibu-Systems shows its full commitment with dedicated security techniques based on secure boot, trusted chains of digital certificates, strong encryption methods, interoperable hardware, software and cloud protection and licensing solutions, and unparalleled support for computer, embedded, real-time and PLC operating systems.

On Wed, Nov 25, 3 to 4pm, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder of Wibu-Systems, will take part in the podium discussion “IUNO: Reference Project for IT Security in Industrie 4.0””hosted by VDMA, the German Engineering Federation. The speakers on stage will answer questions from the audience about know-how protection against reverse engineering and tampering, the importance of crypto chips, encryption techniques to make hardware and software more secure, the safe storage of production data and processes, and secure communications between remote manufacturing sites. This initiative also represents an occasion to announce “IUNO”, a German Ministry of Research funded project, in which 14 companies including Wibu-Systems are collaborating to create a reference project that guarantees the security of networked production facilities from cyber-attacks and espionage.

Mr Winzenried will also hold a lecture on the first day of the event, at noon, to shed light on “Embedded Security in the Internet of Things (IoT)"

At the Wibu-Systems exhibition space, intelligent device manufacturers can engage with our team of professionals, receive demonstrations about our latest research projects like OpSit, where standard OPC UA client server architecture and standardized security profiles are used, learn about product news, such as the new generation of CmCards featuring stronger encryption, larger memory capacity, higher read and write data transfer performance, and an extended operating temperature range, discuss reference architectures, including the IIRA suggested by the Industrial Internet Consortium, and get a glimpse into future developments in our roadmap.