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sps ipc drives 2013

2013 十一月 26 - 2013 十一月 28

SPS IPC Drives is all about electric automation technology.
When it comes to the integrity protection of systems and integrated automation solutions with code signing and encryption against tampering, or to copy protection against counterfeiting, or IP protection against reverse-engineering, Wibu-Systems shows its full commitment. The mission for software security and business enablement has evolved towards new technically sophisticated and easy-to-use products that address the embedded systems scene.

With the membership to distinguished industry associations like BITKOM, VDMA, SDA or the OPC Foundation, Wibu-Systems is certain to have a global and actualized perspective on future visioning and current needs of Industry 4.0.
The support of multiple operating systems (Windows Embedded, Real-Time Linux, VxWorks and QNX) and PLC environments, an available spectrum of hardware form factors, strategic partnerships with companies like Rockwell Automation, Wind River, Emerson Network Power and 3S-Smart Software Solutions, as well as the participation to the Smart Factory project confer authority to the skills and acuity of our team.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26th, at 4.20pm, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, will conduct a presentation under the title "Security in connected automation systems" in Hall 3-618 (VDMA Forum).

On Thursday, Nov. 28th, at 12.30pm, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, will then lead the seminar under the title "Industry 4.0 via secure channels: how to effectively protect industrial systems"; during his speech he will specifically focus on the security challenges imposed by the Industry 4.0, the vulnerability trait of traditional defenses and the necessity to promptly embrace new intelligent concepts.