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National IT Summit 2014

2014 十月 21 - 2014 十月 21

In summer 2014 the German Federal cabinet has released the milestones for the Digital Agenda 2014-2017; they include the promotion of innovations to support country's growth and employment, the implementation of comprehensive high-speed networks and digital media literacy for all generations to improve access and participation, and the improvement of security and protection of IT systems and services to regain trust in digital services.

In this light, the National IT Summit 2014, which is the central platform for cooperation between governments, industry and the academic world, will lead the discussion this year on topics such as Industry 4.0, Young IT, innovation, working in the digital world, Internet Security and Privacy.

These themes are dear to Wibu-Systems, who pioneered cyber-security for smart factories and keeps concentrating most of its development efforts around new manufacturing paradigms. Interconnected systems, remote control, and even robotics can become the keystone to a new industrial revolution only if communication data, physical and logical access, and machine code are fully preserved with higher integrity levels.