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Medica 2014

2014 十一月 12 - 2014 十一月 15

Why is Wibu-Systems involved in the largest worldwide show for medicine?

Simply because the bound between health and technology is tighter and tighter. Each diagnosis process in whatever medical discipline is based on complex machines that are run through sophisticated software. Whether it is about nuclear medicine, DNA fingerprinting, tissue engineering, laser surgery and even bionics, results of analyses must be fully reliable, which stands as well for prevention of any tamper attack and preservation of software integrity protection.

Together with VDMA (the German Engineering Federation), Wibu-Systems will present a lecture at the Forum "Embedded Security and Know-How Protection - Innovative Protection Measures against Reverse Engineering, Tampering and Know-How Piracy", hall 12, on November 13th, from 14.30 to 16.00, under the title "Software Protection of the medical diagnostic system custo med". Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder of Wibu-Systems, along with Hans-Jörg Hoffmann, Sales & Marketing Manager at custo med, will illustrate the mutual success story. The technological system from custo med enhances logistics of physicians and nurses, technical service departments and IT administrators of hospitals, clinics and surgery rooms across the globe. CodeMeter, the technology from Wibu-Systems for protection, licensing and security, allows an easy handling of complex and dynamic licensing models, even in demanding clinical environments, for a custom and straightforward license distribution over many locations.