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2013 十月 8 - 2013 十月 10

it-sa remains undisputedly one of the core European events with a clear focus on IT security, and a generous offer in terms of cloud security, access management and BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.

Within this framework, Wibu-Systems is maximizing its presence through the cooperation with itWatch, a specialist in application security, user right administration, cloud computing security and data loss prevention. On top of the S4Stick research and development project we are handling alongside with them, at it-sa we are announcing a new product, CryptWatch (German only), at their booth.

PDWatch2Go already provides solid and granular endpoint protection by centrally controlling and managing all the interfaces and devices via black- and white listing. With Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology integrated, the software will feature additional hardware protection and smart card based encryption, in the form factor of a CmDongle, a USB stick or a memory card