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Internet of Things – from Sensors up to the Cloud

2017 十月 19 - 2017 十月 19

The IoT world is full of great promises for our future, but many early adopters have failed. IoT applications need in fact appropriate techniques, methods, and standards. Weka Fachmedien, a leading provider of crossmedia brands for electronics, automation, energy technology, and electrical trade, has created this conference to provide developers and project managers with some real guidance on how to map out their innovations.

The program includes four tracks, each with a specific focus:

  • Session 1 is dedicated to connectivity: here, you can learn about all the different available standards
  • Session 2 concentrates on edge and cloud computing: here, you can get an insight into the optimum balance between the two technologies
  • Session 3 examines methods and tools: here, you can discover IoT platforms, programming interfaces (APIs), and development methods up close and personal
  • Session 4 is all about security: here, you will understand the threats in the IoT, the reference security architectures, and self-learning models

With the clearly defined mission to be at the core of Security 4.0, Wibu-Systems is pioneering technologies that plug into international reference architectures like RAMI 4.0 and IISF, and leveraging security tools that monetize software to a new level. Security measures, which are an inextricable part of any modern software and hardware design, are paying for themselves through the license-based economy.

2.00 to 2.30 pm, Guenther Fischer, Senior Consultant Licensing and Protection, will take you on a journey into End-to-End Protection and Licensing from Sensors up to the Cloud. You will be able to master the basic principles of CodeMeter in just a few minutes: our flagship technology provides multidimensional support for platforms, devices, license containers and can serve intelligent device manufacturers that operate with computers, mobile devices, embedded systems, PLCs, and even microcontrollers, in a standalone, network, or cloud environment.

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