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Industry 4.0 – Interconnected Systems in the „Internet of Things“

2014 十一月 13 - 2014 十一月 13

Current forecasts predict that 30 billion devices will be interconnected over the internet by the year 2020. A phenomenon that many experts consider the greatest technological revolution humanity has ever experienced. It does involve multiple application scenarios: building, energy, consumer and household, healthcare and life sciences, industry, transportation, retail, (public) safety, IT and networks, all to be connected in the future via embedded hardware and software systems.

The conference is intended as a convergence arena for market leaders, research and development institutions, and trade press to discuss communication standards, unified architectures, development tools and features in embedded networked systems, embedded security, and IP protection from a product and a legal standpoint. Together, the experts will facilitate key decision makers in promptly understanding and implementing the pioneering techniques and best practices already available.

Wibu-Systems is sponsoring the forum along with prestigious research partners, like the Fraunhofer IIS and the OPC Foundation. At 16.45, Guenther Fischer, Wibu-Systems Embedded Pre-Sales Consultant, will contribute to the panel with a lecture on “Product protection with Embedded Security: Protection from Reverse Engineering, Piracy, Tampering, and as a Business Enablement Tool for new Business Models”.