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2014 十一月 3 - 2014 十一月 5

Let’s meet again at EKON 18, the place to be for the Delphi community. In our times, efficient development is still attained through new language features and best practices; however, the attention to security tools and methods, as well as monetization strategies is the epicenter of any successful project.

Wibu-Systems is partnering with S&S Media Group to evangelize about the importance of a correct application of security principles when developing an application. Our team will show some Delphi specific and proficient modus operandi you can put in place to create a stringent protection shield and a forward minded multiplicity of license models.

The panel of premium speakers will host three separate sessions from Wibu-Systems aimed at sharing relevant and practical information: 

  • Nov. 3rd, 10.15-11.30, Ruediger Kuegler, Security Expert, will illustrate "Advanced cryptography"; in his lesson he will stress out the vital role of cryptography for any modern application, and will show some of the latest techniques against the most recent threats
  • Nov. 4th, 14.00-15.15, once more Ruediger Kuegler, will be on stage and discuss "Certificates for anyone", where he will highlight the need for certificates in advanced authentication methods, and their correct implementation
  •  Nov. 4th, 15.30-16.45, Stefan Bamberg, our Senior Key Account Manager, will hold a lecture under the provocative title "I don't care about licensing", in which he will demonstrate why licensing is a matter not just of software monetization but also of security, and therefore it should be designed alongside with the experts