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Automatisierungstreff 2014

2014 三月 25 - 2014 三月 27

Given our increasing focus on security systems for industrial automation solutions, this year we have decided to add the Automatisierungstreff to our rich event calendar. In an age where the Internet of Things meets the manufacturing process to enable high productivity, energy efficiency, and adequate safety and comfort, the protection of plants, devices, products and designs from piracy, tampering and reverse-engineering becomes an aspect no one can any longer ignore.

Wibu-Systems will offer its technological expertise and know-how protection guidelines to executive management, process managers and technical developers both at our exhibition space as well as during our workshops.

In particular, on March 26th, we will hold two complementary workshops about Solid Protection for Today, Tomorrow, and Always, each combining theory and hands-on sessions. You’ll have therefore the chance to immediately put into practice the lecture and create your own security system.