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Why does the activation of CmActLicense no longer work in Google Chrome?


Starting with version 38, Google Chrome changed the WebSockets communication mode for handling large data sets. The browser now splits larger data sets into smaller parts. Earlier versions of CodeMeter were not entirely able to reassemble these parts. Since CodeMeter Version 5.20d, this behavior has been fixed.

If you tried to activate a license using Google Chrome prior to the CodeMeter Runtime 5.20d update, the license update file has already been created, and a renewed license activation using another browser will generally fail. However, the independent software vendor (ISV) is able to download the update file on behalf of the end user in CodeMeter License Central (Get License | Ticket | Download Update) and send it to the end user. The end user is then able to import the update, for example, by using the drag & drop option for CodeMeter Control Center.

Alternatively, starting with Version 14.10, WebDepot has the option of continuing the license transfer (Enter Ticket | Continue License Transfer Now) and activating the license.