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When activating licenses online with Internet Explorer 11 the process freezes. Why is that?


The offline activation process of CodeMeter licenses using CodeMeter License Central or WebDepot has not been working as expected since the latest updates of Internet Explorer 11 by Microsoft.

Internet Explorer does not provide a download link for the transfer of the license update file. The reason for this is a known issue with Internet Explorer acknowledged by Microsoft as ID 916652. Microsoft is currently analyzing and resolving the issue.

The direct programming of licenses works as expected.
The offline activation process using other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari, works flawlessly. Please recommend your customers to use these browser for an offline activation.

If you or your customers already had problems with activating licenses offline using Internet Explorer 11, you can manually trigger the download of the license update file for this ticket in CodeMeter License Central. Please proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to menu item: "Licenses | Get license".
  • Search for the respective ticket.
  • Select "Download update" in the dropdown menu on the right.