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Why does the error 3912 ("No license profile available") appear during programming?


This error occurs because either the CmFirm.wbc file is missing completely or does not contain your Firm Code. You must import this file to your system.

In addition to the Firm Security Box (FSB), programming licenses requires the CmFirm.wbc file with your Firm Code. You received this file from Wibu-Systems when you became a customer. You might find this file on another system, e.g. located in "%ProgramData%\CodeMeter\DevKit".
You can open the CmFirm.wbc file using a text editor and check for your Firm Code, i.e. the Test-Firm Code 10 is not specified.

If the required CmFirm.wbc file is not available, please contact Wibu-Systems Support.

For importing the right CmFirm.wbc file, please proceed as follows:

  • Open CodeMeter Control Center
  • Navigate to the menu item "File | Import Licese" and select the CmFirm.wbc file.
    Alternatively drag & drop the file onto CodeMeter Control Center