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Frequently Asked Questions


Portal Usage


    A new ticket is created using the button "New Ticket".


    Each ticket consists of two basic parts: a brief description and a detailed error description.

    The brief description should be used as a 1 line error description.


    The detailed error description is used for a more descriptive error description. Here should be described where you receive the error and any kind of detailed which can be relevant, like the Operating System, CodeMeter (Runtime/SDK) Version, when and where the error occurse. And if available the error text and code.


    The attachment should contain a CmDust-Result.log and/or a screenshot of the error.


    The priority shows the impact and urgency of this incident. We ask you to set a reasonable and responsible priority.


    By clicking on this button you can see all tickets created by your user, as well as the status for each ticket.


    The status shows you, how far our support team has solved your case.

    You can also add new information, attach new files and close the ticket.


    This button allows it to open tickets for the WIBU Operating Services Team.


    There are two types of tickets you can open here:

    Emergency Tickets, which are always priority level 1 (critical). If its not a priority 1 ticket we reserve the right to charge non-compliant incidents.


    Furthermore, it is possible to create tickets for the WIBU Operating Services-Team regarding cases which are not suitable for the usual support-business. Those tickets are directly made for the WIBU Operating Services-Team, and will only be read by this team.

    Please note that there are more fields to fill out than there are in a normal ticket.