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    For security reasons (communication with CodeMeter License Central), generally the WebDepot is to be configured on a separate web server!

    Please find the instructions in the separate documentation "License Central - Extensions".


    If, for test reasons, you want to run the Webdepot directly on CodeMeter License Central, please proceed as follows:

    1. Download the Internet Extension from the Wibu-Systems website.

    2. Copy the directory "webdepot" to '/var/www/LicenseCentral/public' on CodeMeter License Central.

    3. Edit file "" in directory '/var/www/LicenseCentral/public/webdepot/conf' as follows:


    // Url to the web services in CodeMeter License Central

    // IP address of CodeMeter License Central 

    define("WSDL_ROOT", "http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/");

    // Path on local drive

    define("REAL_PATH_ON_DISK", "/var/www/LicenseCentral/public/webdepot/");


    4. Restart Apache Webserver or CodeMeter License Central.


    Now the Webdepot is accessible via URL: <URL or IP of your LC>/webdepot/index.php


    In order to edit the standard ticket URL, please proceed as follows:


    1. Open the file '/var/www/LicenseCentral/application/configs/application.ini' in an editor. Make sure you have root rights (sudo).

    2. Search for the entry "resources.strings.url.external = "".

    3. Edit the string meeting your requirements, e.g. "resources.strings.url.external = ""


    Several unexplained effects occur in certain language versions other than the default language English. These range from graphics display errors to the failure of activations, and are related to the method used for saving the language files.


    Please check that language files are saved as UTF-8 without BOM (Byte Order Mask). If this is not the case, please do so and start WebDepot again.


    Via "WSReporting_getActivationList" you get all activated licenses of a ticket.

    1. Find out if a license is a network license via "LicenseEntry".

    2. Run through the array with "action != "Identify".

    3. Search for the "licenseOption" == "LicenseQuantity".

    Parameter "value" indicates whether it is a local or network license.


    Example for the Universal Firmcode (> 6000010):

    A local license has the following value:

    "LicenseQuantity" ["operation"]=> string(3) "Set" ["value"]=> string(4) "1;l;"


    A network license with LQ 3 looks like this:

    "LicenseQuantity" ["operation"]=> string(3) "Set" ["value"]=> string(4) "3;;l;"


    Example for the CmDongle Firm Codes:

    A local license has the following value (has the value 0, or 1):

    "LicenseQuantity" ["operation"]=> string(3) "Set" ["value"]=> string(4) "1"


    Anetwork license (value > 1) e.g. with LQ 3looks like this:

    "LicenseQuantity" ["operation"]=> string(3) "Set" ["value"]=> string(4) "3"


    The offline activation process of CodeMeter licenses using CodeMeter License Central or WebDepot has not been working as expected since the latest updates of Internet Explorer 11 by Microsoft.


    Internet Explorer does not provide a download link for the transfer of the license update file. The reason for this is a known issue with Internet Explorer acknowledged by Microsoft as ID 916652. Microsoft is currently analyzing and resolving the issue.


    The direct programming of licenses works as expected.

    The offline activation process using other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari, works flawlessly. Please recommend your customers to use these browser for an offline activation.


    If you or your customers already had problems with activating licenses offline using Internet Explorer 11, you can manually trigger the download of the license update file for this ticket in CodeMeter License Central. Please proceed as follows:


    - Navigate to menu item: "Licenses | Get license".

    - Search for the respective ticket.

    - Select "Download update" in the dropdown menu on the right.